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    Hey I am Noah and I, along with a few friends, want to start a reptile club at school! The problem is we have no field trip ideas except expos, and if your club doesn't do anything it gets shut down next year. I wanted to know what are some cool fundraisers and expos we could do, I also mean like club fundraisers! Thanks for answering!
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    Does it have to be field trips? What about having speakers come visit? That's probably the most common thing reptile clubs do.

    What about trying to put on your own show? Maybe a bit too tall of an order.

    Or participating in local reptile education or citizen scientist research projects? Both of which can be fun, and make a difference!!

    I'd do a search for herp clubs in your region, and see what they do. There may be things available that you don't know about locally, that you could get involved with.

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    I've heard of aquarium-building contest. Maybe you could host a build-your-own-terrarium contest as a fundraiser? Have participants enter by paying a certain amount- enough to cover fees for gathering the materials for the contestants and then enough to profit off of? Or even just do a drawing/blue print competition with a supplementary essay explaining why they chose to put certain items, where they placed it, who would it work best for. Give some sort of educational reward.

    If you have any local ponds/forestry/park areas that struggle with littering and detrimental human activity you could possibly do a community cleanup to help out the wildlife?

    Aside from that Expos and Education centers sound great! You could possibly do you own information center within the school. Take a group trip to the library and do a monthly "creature feature" to educate your school mates on interesting reptiles. I think this would be fairly simple and an easy excuse for a field trip. Have everyone research the same animal and compose a poster or display if your school permits it.

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    We have a local exotics rescue that gives talks to school groups, senior centers, park & rec groups, etc. They take a few (tame) reptiles along for "hands-on" education, and include information about them, as well as why they are not pets for everyone.
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    the terrarium building contest is a perfect idea! As is the poster display! Thanks so much!
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    I wish there was an exotics rescue near me! I live right next to the capitol of Alabama so you think there'd be one. There isn't. I'll look online for nearby ones a few cities over though thanks!
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