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    I want to be a reptile breeder when I grow up and I have a question on corn snake diet what do you feed them I know you feed pinkyís and mice but do they have to be alive because Iím okay with my snake eating live rats but not sure on the pinkyís but if they have to be live I will deal with it.
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    I don't know anything about corn snakes, but here is a care sheet:
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    I would look toward a snake specific forum to get lots of answers to snake questions. This site is mostly people with crested geckos so the snake board is pretty bare. In regards to your question though I do have a corn snake and I feed frozen thawed. Most corns are pretty hungry all the time so they don't tend to be picky and will eat thawed or live. Some may be hard to get eating thawed if they were raised on live however, and some may just not like thawed at all. It is something you should prepare yourelf for, especially if you want to breed. Most times people feed live pinkies for the first few feedings of newly hatched babies because that is the only way to get them to start eating. It can be impossible to get a newborn snake to take dead prey, their natural instincts just won't associate something already dead as food to the point they will just starve and die. For corns it is usually pretty easy to switch them to frozen after they have started eating regularly but other species like ball pythons may be more picky.

    Also if you get into breeding and get successful enough to have several clutches of snakes a season you will likely want to start breeding your own rats/mice since it is way too expensive to buy frozen from a store to feed more then a few snakes. At that point you will either feed live or have to humanely kill your mice/rats (via CO2) and then freeze/feed. The breeder I got my ball python from fed live because he produced like 100 snakes a year so buying like 200 frozen rodents a week was just too expensive so he bred his own rats. If you ever get to the point where breeding is your entire career and not just a side job to whatever your real job is (I'm talking like you breed 100s may even 1000s of reptiles) then you could probably get a wholesaler for frozen rodents, but until you hit the big time, breeding your own will probably be how you go. Most local breeders around me breed their own rodents and insects for their reptiles. There isn't some huge warehouse style breeder around here but some of the places here have pretty decent operations, I don't know how they have time to breed reptiles and work a regular job but they do!


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