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Thread: Getting emails about replies to posts, but nothing shows when going to look at thread

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    Question Getting emails about replies to posts, but nothing shows when going to look at thread

    This has happened to me a few times in the last week. I get an email saying someone replied to a thread I either started or posted in, but when I go to look at the thread to see the reply, there isn't anything there. Are people posting and then removing a post, or is this some scam type thing I need to drop or report? The email clearly says "replied", but nothing new is there when I go to read it. Just wondering what's up.


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    anything that's ever suspicious I wouldn't trust. If you're getting emails about replies that aren't there, I'd avoid those emails. To my knowledge... ordinary members can't delete their posts.
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    I usually check the forum first before I check my emails, so when I look at the emails, they show me replies that I've already read.

    If that's not the case for you, then something else is up, and I would be suspicious of those emails. Regular members can edit, but can't delete their posts.
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    Thanks. That pretty well confirms what I was suspecting.


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