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Thread: DIY Bamboo Ledges

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    Default DIY Bamboo Ledges

    Purchased an upgrade 18x18x24, wanted bamboo ledges for the tank and the Flukers ones had terrible reviews so I made them myself.

    Here is the final product:

    The white caps will be covered when I put fake plants in. And the caps are drilled into and have suction cups in them to hold them onto the walls. Considering gluing the bamboo into the caps although I'm not sure as it is a little tight and the little bit of play helps move them, however they will not fall out of the caps even if I do leave it as is.

    Cost breakdown for those interested:

    - $2.50 for the bamboo stock from dollarama (5'6'' in length)

    - $0.96(x4) for the white 3/4" PVC Caps

    - $3.98(x2) for the suction cups(sets of 3 each, since medium size looked more sturdy then small)

    Total with taxes(cause Canadian) : $16.16

    If anyone is interested, I can go over how its done and what i used exactly, although fairly simple process.

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    Super interested in the steps! I'm also in Canada so the exact price helps! Would love to make a bunch of these for tubs!
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    Nice job! As mentioned earlier, for anyone who would want to try it, you could cut those PVC caps in half lengthwise to make "cradles" for the bamboo. Then they could be easily lifted out if needed for cleaning, planting, etc.
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