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Thread: Egg and a half ?

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    Default Egg and a half ?

    Have a 2 year old female that is in her first season laying. Her first 2 eggs came out normal but the 2nd clutch has one good looking egg and then an egg and a half. The half end of the egg may be oozing a bit as well. It's has been about 45+ days between the clutches as well.
    Has anyone ever seen this type of egg?

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    I personally have not. This is interesting. Other then an egg and a half, the only thing I can think of is that she had a hard time trying to pass it and it was restricted at they point for a minute? Is it good?
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    It's possible that two eggs got too close together during the shelling and were fused together near the end of the process. It is also possible that it got "stuck" during the shelling and that's what made it narrower and odd. If it's two eggs, the smaller one probably is sterile or dead, the big one may be o.k. If it got stuck and made a "waist", it could be fine. Not going to know till it's old enough to candle reliably. It's interesting and definitely keep records on it to learn!!!


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