I am casually looking for a PI Chahoua that is mostly green in coloration. I'm not looking for any red or pink, white, or orange.
I keep auriculatus and I feel that I'm fairly familiar with their pricing and what makes some individuals more or less valuable (patterning, sex, color shade/saturation, size, etc)

However, I am unfamiliar with Chahouas and I was looking for some guidance as to what range what I can expect to pay for a PI that is green, without any other pattern colors. (ie, baby to adult price range) I have ascertained that females are less common and therefore more expensive, and reds command a high price, but other than that, I am lost.

I am also wondering at what age/size their color starts to come in, and finishes developing. I have searched the forums and groups for the answer to this question and had no luck. In gargoyle geckos, if a baby is born with light yellow or orange stripes, you can accurately predict that these will turn to a red or orange, depending on what the parents are, and they usually attain adult coloration by 25g. Is there any insight like this on chahoua hatchlings?

I have attached a picture of a gecko that is exactly what I am looking for that belongs to MAJOR LEAGUE CHEWIES in Canada, all credit goes to them and I do not claim to own this picture or gecko in said picture.

If you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it, and thank you in advance!

I am also interested in the nomenclature of colors--I have seen people mention "lime green"--what would the gecko in the photo be called?

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