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Thread: Suitable Beardie Kit?

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    Default Suitable Beardie Kit?

    I saw this online and I know it doesnt have hides and stuff but does this have all the right heating, lighting and vivarium as I really want a good tank and Ive heard good stuff about these. Should I look into buying this kit aswell as some branches and stuff??
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    I can't tell from the image you attached. Could you put a link to it instead? I currently have 2 beardies. Thorn just turned 1 and is in a 50g tank with a screen lid, red night bulb, UVB strip light, and a ceramic heat emitter for basking. My 4 year old adult male, Mushu, is in an 80g tank with the exact same light setup. He only climbs down from his grape wood long enough to eat so most of that tank space is useless. I love grape wood for beardies because it's really strong, easy to cut, and comes in tons of different sizes and shapes. When we first got Mushu we bought him a large hide and hammock and he literally never used them. Thorn never uses his hide either but he very rarely will use his hammock to sleep in. I also don't use any sort of basking platform because they prefer their grape wood.


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