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Thread: Should I get a snake?

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    Default Should I get a snake?

    I have a crestie and cats and bunnies. Id like to get a pet snake as I have seen adverts on gumtree for some. The main reason I wont be allowed a snake is because they eat rodents. Is there any snakes I could change onto insects or eats mice only once every week or longer? Need advice! Thx

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    Garter snakes. Or a corn. If a corn gets big enough, he'll require a small rat though. Not sure what rodents you talk about? A nice is a rodent.
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    Almost all snakes eat rodents: mice or rats. How often and how big depend on their size and age (growing versus stable adult). There are snakes that eat other things, but those things are usually only eaten at certain points in their life (usually when they are growing up), or the items are hard to get a hold of or more expensive than rodents. If it's a species that gets really big, you have to get bigger food items than the max size of a rodent. A fish only diet for a garter snake is not healthy, but they do eat some bugs but not as the only food source. Many snakes can be switched from live rodents to frozen/thawed. So you won't have to see/hear the snake killing it. Once a week feedings are usually only for baby or growing young snakes. As they get older the size of the food should go up, and frequency down. How much those change will depend on the species and the particular snake.

    The only snake I know of that doesn't eat rodents is a sharp-tailed snake (and sea snakes). But a sharp-tail is *super* tiny full grown, and I don't know of anyone selling them. They eat small slugs, snails, and other very small bugs.

    Rodents provide good nutrition, and are usually the most cost effective way to feed a snake.

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