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Thread: My One-of-a-kind Jewel, and I'm looking for a mate

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    Question My One-of-a-kind Jewel, and I'm looking for a mate

    (2017--you can kinda see the green-yellow at the top of the picture, and the "morph" I call "Saddle strap" showing very well.)

    This is Jewel, my one remaining corn snake. I finally decided try breeding her and see if her "morph" proves out. She's obviously a type of albino, but what's odd is that the skin between her scales is a green-yellow, and the scales around the reddish areas are half a kind of mint green, and half white. It's just really hard to show in a photograph. When she hatched, as a total oddity, the greenie boarder scales were fully mint green, but have faded back to half way with age. Her albino "red" areas have faded out too.

    A little about her parentage.
    Jewel's parents were from a 1.2 odd ball trio I purchased as hatchlings. All three of them were shades of browns, tans, white, and black edging, with a unique pattern. The pattern was that in the colored "saddles" there was a faded band going across them like a strap. So I called it "saddle strap". Not particularly impressive, but it was there. I raised the babies up and when they were old enough and big enough, I bred them. I had no idea what I was going to get. I wanted to see if the pattern was inherited, was there a super form? I didn't know if I'd be getting any other colors because there was no parentage history on them, other than they all had the same oddness to them. Both females laid 20+ eggs their first time, and all the eggs hatched. The one clutch was made up of babies that looked just like the parents, browns/tans/white/black edging, with the same pattern mutation. No super form. The other clutch however....all the babies were brown/tan/white/black, except Jewel. One albino that was totally out of place and unexpected and didn't look like a normal albino. All of that clutch, including Jewel had the "saddle strap" pattern, but again no super form. (I also produced a bunch of albinos and snows in an unrelated crossing, so I had regular albinos to compare to). I knew Jewel was special and there was something odd about her "albino-ness". It took some very close looking to see the green edge scales. I know I took some pictures of her as a hatchling, but I also took pictures of the albino hachlings....and didn't label them (so kicking myself for that). The green-yellow color is really hard to see in photographs, so I can't tell which hatchling pictures are Jewel and which are regular albinos.

    When we moved, I ended up having to sell off my corn snake colony because it was impractical for me to breed all of them, and since I couldn't breed them, there was no real reason to keep all them. I thought a lot about selling off my odd balls, but finally decided I would. So Jewel's parents (and the other odd female) were sold. I have no idea if they ever produced another baby like her. I've done a lot of looking around at morph pictures, and have never seen a snake that has Jewel's color combination.

    So...I want to breed her and see if the "morph" proves out. To do that, I want to find a morph that's close to what she looks like. The closest I could find are Green Spot Snow (but she's not a snow), Coral Snow (but she's too red, I think), and Candy Cane (but she's not quite red enough, and has that green-yellow thing going on). So I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a morph that looks close to her....OR if you have seen corns like her?

    Thank you.

    **I'm actually not 100% sure Jewel is female at this moment. She looks like it to me, but I'd have it verified by my vet before I purchase a mate. But which ever gender she actually is, doesn't really impact trying to figure out a compatible morph to mate with. Oh, sorry the pictures are so big, I'll scale pictures down when I load new ones. I'm just thrilled they displayed and weren't just links. Although, it does make seeing the "greenish" areas a bit easier.

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    Wow, what an interesting story! While I myself am not very versed in cornsnakes I recommend taking this story over to the Cornsnake section of if you haven't yet. While the forum is mainly about Ball Pythons many of the members there have all kinds of snakes. You might be more likely to find some answers. Either way, good luck!

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