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Thread: Substrate Barrier For a Naturalistic Vivarium

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    Default Substrate Barrier For a Naturalistic Vivarium

    I am currently working on a natural vivarium for when my Crested Gecko gets a bit larger. I'm waiting on Zoo Med's Natural Substrate Mesh at the moment, but my dad suggested I used a rain screen mesh. I don't know much about the product aside from holding it in my hands. From my impression it seems relatively safe though I'm sure how well it would last in a vivarium. Is this safe to use?

    For reference I'm using Hdyroballs, ABG Mix, Moss, and Leaf Litter as the layers of substrate and I need to know if it's safe to use rain screen mesh as a substitute for any reptile-marketed mesh.

    Here are pictures in case you're not sure what I'm referring to:
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    the weed blocker mesh stuff people use in their gardens to keep weeds from growing works very well. Fiberglass window screening is another cheap option
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