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Thread: Perfect Beardie Tank?

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    Default Perfect Beardie Tank?

    Been looking at the Vivexotic Maxi Large Viv with Cabinet. Its a 78gallon but as its made of wood i wanted to know if i can house a beardie in it. Where would i put the heat lamps? Anybody got any suitable vivarium ideas they could link if its not suitable? I dont want to put the lamps in the tank as i dont want to burn the beardie.

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    I agree, putting heat sources inside the cage is a huge, very real, risk for burns (not just the animal, but possibly the cage too since it's wood). All of my dragon cages are either aquariums with screen lids, or glass cages with sliding doors, and a screen lid. The screens are heavy duty so I can set the basking heat and the UV/light/day-basking heat fixtures on top. Dragons can't touch them and their climbing stuff doesn't get close enough to the lid either.

    You also have the option of buying, or making, a cage to put around heat sources to create a buffer zone so they can't be touched, if you end up putting lamps inside the cage.

    The only other thing I'd mention is that wood is extremely hard to disinfect, unless it is totally sealed up with some kind of coating that won't come off with scratching lizards and normal usage/cleaning.

    From a size perspective, the cage is excellent. The wood look is very nice. But having lamps inside the cage and problems with disinfecting it would make me look for something else. An aquarium with a screen lid, on a nice wood stand, would be a very good alternative that should be fairly easy to find and not super expensive. (You could always look for a used one in good shape that just needs a good cleaning. People are constantly getting rid of aquariums and stands for cheap. And reptile specific cages too for that matter.) There are lots of other options that would be better. It really depends on the look you want and how much you are willing to spend (and possibly how long you want to wait for it).


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