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Thread: Giant Day Gecko health concerns

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    Default Giant Day Gecko health concerns

    Hey, I've had my giant day gecko for over a month now and I am getting kind of concerned. She is getting very fat and I'm not sure if she is egg-bound or has compaction or I am just over feeding her. She seems to prefer the Pangea mixes better than live food, but I have read that Giant Day Geckos should primarily be fed live dusted foods. what do you guys think I should do?

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    I am not an expert on day geckos, but that gecko does not look fat to me. I'd wait until after she's laid eggs to judge whether she's actually fat.
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    She actually looks very healthy from the photographs... as long as her energy level and appetite remain the same and she's pooping I would not be concerned.
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    She is a little on the chunky side, but certainly not alarmingly so. I would not worry about egg binding or impaction unless she is showing real symptoms other than just being chunky. If she were to be ill with either of those issues, she would become lethargic, stop eating, and stop defecating. You would likely find her frequently lying at the bottom of the tank which is very unusual behavior for a day gecko. If you are concerned about her weight, offer less of the gecko diet and more live prey. Even if she seems to prefer the gecko diet, offering less will motivate her to move her plump behind to go catch her food. Make sure all bugs are properly gut-loaded.

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    Not an expert, but I've had my giant day gecko for nine years now and he's as chunky as yours and hasn't had any problems. I'd just keep an eye on her behavior, as Crestielovely said.

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