So Frogger lays between the 15-20th of each month without fail, every year I've had her she has been laying within 5 days each month until now. She is seriously big, larger than I've ever seen her while carrying eggs and it's not fat, she's been eating the same as she usually does to maintain her weight but not gain and that's why I'm worried. I've seen its hard for her to walk, instead of her normal preppy walk it's more like a wobble and she struggles to really move far before needing to rest. I've got her tub loaded with branches and cork to make it easier to get around and I gave her a warm sauna today today to try and help her lay and she had a huge poo so that's good. I know it's only 5 days after her normal lay time but she's getting really bloated and I'm worried. She's about 7, almost 8 years old. Could it be age related? I may retire her after next season if I see that laying is too much of a burden to her.