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Thread: Shelving/storage area for a vivarium?

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    Default Shelving/storage area for a vivarium?

    Hey there everyone
    Currently, my reptile collection consists of a ball python (40gal tank), and a crested gecko (can't remember the size of the tub). The BP's tank is on my dresser, and the tub for the crestie is sitting on a bookshelf. The thing is, probably around next year the crestie will be big/old enough to go into a vivarium with live plants and such. My plan is to build the vivarium and move him into it...but I have no idea what kind of storage shelf or table I would want to put the vivarium on.

    It's just going to be an 18x18x24 tank. I have looked through target's website to see what accent tables and such they have, but none of them are truly big enough (or cute enough) I have checked other websites such as ebay, amazon, walmart and some others... My reptile collection isn't huge right now, so I would rather not get a big huge shelf and move both animals onto it. What are your setups for that size of tank? I am sticking to building a tank for Smaug; I'm just stumped on what kind of shelf to put it on. Any ideas?

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    found that. Don't see why it wouldn't work. If you're looking for a unit that you can expand later though,

    This is what I'm using:

    It's 18" wide, so it would just barely fit the tanks, but i've had 0 problems with my tanks sitting on it for over a year now. You just need a rubber mallet ;3

    I don't stack them 4 shelves high though, i have the 1 unit in 2 separate smaller 2-shelf units I wouldn't go the full 4 shelves though, as the frame is a bit wobbly. When my collection expands and when I start breeding, I'll just be making my own unit.
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    I have one on the floor and it looks fine.


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    I have wrought iron double aquarium stands for some of my caging. For another I have a wood table I found at goodwill with a lower shelf (my current planted gecko cage is on the top of that). I use my husband's old flat-top oak desk for my big 36x18x24 that I'm working on customizing. And my last cage I have up right now is on a basic storage shelf system. I just have the bottom and the middle shelves, and left the top half off. When I had my corn snake colony, I just stacked their tubs in the corner. It was for practicality, not esthetics. It really comes down to what you want it to look like, what will hold the cages properly, and what you can afford. Definitely check out used furniture places, goodwills, and consignment places. You may find something that's really nice, that will work well, that's not expensive.

    When I move my gecko into his big cage, I'm going to set up the 18x18x24 I got on the table his current terrarium is on. I got lucky that the goodwill table I got is big enough for that new cage too.


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