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    hello all I'm new to this and I just had some questions to ask some of you hoping you guys could help me.

    I have recently had my berdie pass away and now i have an empty 55 gallon tank and ever since I've seen a green anole they have always intrigued me with how they can climb everything.
    So naturally i have been wondering how many i could put in a 55gal tank?
    But still have them in a comfortable environment i know they usually they like tall tanks but mine is wide and i figured if i put a whole lot of stuff for them to climb on and places to hide it would be fine for them.

    I probably would want all female so they aren't laying eggs unless that doesn't matter to much. i do know that no more then one male.

    now i was wondering like what kinda supplies would carry over from berdie to the green anoles if any to begin with and then what sort of new stuff would i need for them to live a happy life ?
    Also could i mix the green and brown anoles in the same tank ?

    And overall if you guys have any tips or ticks for me that would be gratefully appreciated
    Thank you in advance -TheKingPatriots

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    For a 55 gal I would say 4 or 5 anoles would be a good number... as long as you provide multiple basking spots, feeding stations, and hides you shouldn't have any issues.
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    The typical recommendation is at least 10 gallon per anole, so 4-5 should be OK, but males are quite territorial. So I would get only one male and the rest females, or only females if you do not want them to breed.

    Green anoles can also be kept together with house geckos of similar size (they naturally live in the same habitat here in Texas), so that would be another option. I have kept a green anole and I am raising a baby mediterranean house gecko at the moment. Both are fun little lizards to keep.
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