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Thread: Help Catalogue Her Traits?

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    Default Help Catalogue Her Traits?

    I got this beautiful lady from Pangea and I want to know what all of her "traits" are. I believe the morph is a creamsicle dalmatian but I want to know how all of her traits would be described.

    This is what I have on her so far:
    Cream base
    Cream pattern
    Drippy dorsal/snowflake
    Possibly crowned

    I'm also curious as to what she is worth and what kind of male I should pair her with the get the best babies. Any suggestions?
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    Morph I'd just say white/cream harlequin partial pin with snowflake.
    Triats would be the drippage (snowflake), partial pinning, an insanely nice crown, fringing, and dal spots.

    I'd pair her with a really either a really dark based full pinner male to darken up he base color (which would make the drippyng and bright laterals pop) or you could breed to a light based super dal to add more spots on that light base. Either would work great
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