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Thread: leopard gecko crickets and waxworms help read desc

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    Default leopard gecko crickets and waxworms help read desc

    i fed my leo today i put crickets in front of her she looked but didnt want them i put in a waxworm she went straight to it she ate 5 and she is 1yr +

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    Waxworms are nice snacks and the gecko will eat them and prefer them to more nutritious food, as you're finding out. Lay off the waxworms for awhile and keep offering crickets (maybe try some super worms or mealworms). She'll eat eventually when she gets hungry enough.


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    Wax worms are good for a treat, but they are really high in fat. Superworms are great. I wouldn't do a lot of mealworms because they have a lot of exoskeleton compared to the meat part and can cause bowel back ups or worse, impactions, when a lot are fed or are the only bug source. You can also do silkworms, or small green giants (hornworms). Superworms keep very well, and will not pupate and turn into beetles if they are kept in contact with each other. They only pupate when they are undisturbed. Butter worms are awesome too, though seasonal and very pricey. And roaches are very nutritious. So there's a lot of other options for feeders to try if crickets just aren't her thing. Though if she hasn't eaten anything for a while (like over a week straight) you may want to take her to a vet. It could be nothing, or she may have a problem.


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