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Thread: can a terrarium be too big?

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    Question can a terrarium be too big?

    heya you all!

    i have a question.
    i came accross a really cheap, really big terrarium (wood)
    it's 120cm x 60 x 60
    so, about 112 gallons.

    i have two (actually, three, but one has escaped a few weeks ago, and i haven't found her yet ( ) female leopard geckos.
    they've been kept together since hatching (they're about a year old this month) and get along well so far.
    i would love to build them a pretty new background, add some climbing rocks and general stuff.
    but i'm worried the space might be too big for them.
    i'd say the bigger the better, but i've heard arguments that they might get stressed in too much space.

    is that a thing i need to watch?
    they're currently in a 100x40x60 enclosure, (about 63 gallons)

    i'd love to hear some experiences with space
    (and maybe some tricks to find a lost gecko... i've cleaned everything and keep looking into corners and behind/under furniture. i can't find her anywhere...)

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    I have my girl in a 36"(91cm)W x 36"(91cm)T x 18"(46cm)D terrarium and she loves it.

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    Watch the wood on your terrarium with the high humidity, that it doesn't mold.
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    Yep, thanks TAD I missed that it was wood. You may need to line it with something to water proof it or it may rot or mold.

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    i was talking about leopard geckos, not cresties, sorry ^^;

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    Lol you did say that. Then I'd say you do need the ledges to utilize how tall it is. But water should not be a problem lol.

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