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Thread: Seed Pod Mold (pic)

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    Default Seed Pod Mold (pic)

    Hello all!
    So I just set up a new bioactive vivarium about 4 days ago and it's starting to mold pretty heavily. I'm not worried about the small white webby patches as I have springtails and I know it's just part of a normal cycle but I have a rams head pod and a rabbit ear pod in there that are covered in white and blue/green mold (it looks like bread mold) and that's concerning. The other part is I don't actually see any springtails anywhere, including the mold.
    I'm using a 18x18x24H Exo Terra, the substrate ends just below the vent at the bottom. I have misted a little heavier because of planting but now the humidity is roughly 60%.
    Should I be concerned? Should I try another springtail culture? Should I remove the seed pods until after the tank cycles?
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    Setting it out in sunlight and/or misting until it is consumed is a typical way to let it cycle.

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