Gargoyle Trio $550 plus shipping
Male is a orange stripe
Female A is red retic
Female B is orange blotch

I had intended on breeding these as a trio but one female didn't take (her first year) the other was repaired and hasn't laid any new eggs yet to know if she took. Both females are first years and so is the male. I do have information on the parents of the orange pair. The red came from a local breeder in Kentucky.
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Gorgeous $300 plus shipping
Female from a local breeder, total sweetheart. Wont mind if she stays. She has several babies I am selling as well, so i can show you her offspring. She holds her weight well through breeding season and lays very healthy eggs.
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This pair i will split if need be. Male is absolutely stunning and the female is as calm as can be. They were meant to be paired but have not been due to downsizing. Romeo- Female (local breeder) retro- male (ac reptiles)
Romeo (f) -$300
Retro (m) - $150
Pair $400

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