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Thread: Baby gecko got a cut

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    Default Baby gecko got a cut

    Hi, it's been a while. I posted here a while back concerning my first hatched clutch. I'm happy to say both babies from that are thriving and growing and doing well, one still with me, one with my good friend, and they've had siblings hatch after that.

    It's one of my newest that I'm concerned about today. One of mine, while I was at work, got out of his keep, due to it closing incorrectly, unbeknownst to me last time I closed it. I have found the error with the keep and fixed it. And good news, I found him and he's alive, and seems to be acting and moving around normally!

    But here's the problem- His little journey left him a little worse for wear. He has lost his tail and he has a good gash in his side, right behind his front leg. I'll try to get pictures later. It looks like it's torn clear though the skin, but no further by what I can tell. But I am worried it may be from a cat claw and I know those can get messy. While I have the keeps cat proof and placed out of reach and avoiding attracting notice, out of the keeps unattended a critter is easily found within the cats' domain, and to be honest I learned of his escape 'cause I came home on my work break to find the cats playing with a flailing tiny lizard tail. I didn't see the lizard, feared the worst but had to return to work, came home, started my search, to find one of the cats with his forepaws in a broken, lidless Kritter Keeper on the floor, watching something intently- and looked to find my missing gecko on the other side, unable to climb out. I have no idea how he got in there. My room (where most of my reptile keeps are) is far from clean and there would be plenty of hides. So it was kinda amazing I found him so fast.

    One of my last clutch failed to thrive and passed, and this is my favorite of this most recent clutch. He's acting fine right now but I really don't wanna see that turn and go downhill fast if I"m able to do anything.

    Long Story Short: My baby gecko (a month or less old, would have to look up more specific) lost his tail and has a good scratch on his side, possibly cat-claw induced. I have him in his repaired keep, on fresh paper towel. What can I/do I need to do to treat this wound? What do I need to obtain and what should I do in the mean time?

    And is there anything I should do about his tail? I'm not as worried about that one as it's a natural mechanism that their bodies are meant to cope with and it looks fine, but if there's anything recommended to make such a thing easier in captivity I'd love to know.

    If needed I can try to get pics later, but all I have is my phone, it's near dead right now and takes pretty lousy pics anyways.

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    Rinse it with diluted chlorhexidine (way more mild than peroxide, but works really well to disinfect), and get to a vet. It may be simple to take care of, or it could be not so simple. Going to need a vet to look at it to find out. I recently dealt with my first and only feeder inflicted wound (in 18 years). It was a cut that went deep into the scales, but thankfully didn't go all the way through the skin into the muscle. But I talked to my reptile vet and described it in detail. It's not the first skin injury I've dealt with, so I knew what to keep an eye out for if things started going bad. Healed up just fine with basic first aid. Still has a scar, but it's getting less noticeable with each shed. But yours sounds much deeper than my recent cut, so definitely vet time!!! I hope it heals up and everything works out!!! Thinking good thoughts!


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