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    so my leachie has always been a light eater, and refuses insects. I feed it pangea's inject mix, since crickets and Phoenix worms failed. It never eats a whole lot, but it eats a whole dish when i hand feed it. I think its newer tank is too large, and maybe thats why. My leachie is 11 months old, and is only around 30 grams. I've been hand feeding it lately to make sure its eating more, and am getting it a smaller cage to see if that helps. But i am worried i am worried its low weight for it's age will have a permanent effect on him/her. As long as i make sure it is eating enough for now on, should it be okay? Or could I have permanentely damaged its overall size in the future? thanks.

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    Have you tried different flavors of the pangea mix? I struggled with getting my halmahera gecko to eat. She was on CGD when i got her and barely touched it. I tried a variety of flavors and found she likes the insect and apricot/banana best.

    Also when I first got my leachie he would only eat when I hand fed too. I decided to let him be for a week or so and he finally began to eat on his own (his favorite is the insect, least favorite is the watermelon) . Mine also will take hornworms on occasion, but not much else in the insect world.

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    We have 2 leachie's. They are about 10 months old and weighing in at 29 and 31 grams so it sounds like yours is pretty much on track. Your description would be the same for ours. Eats really well when hand fed but we try to shy away from that as we want them to eat on their own. They don't seem to care for bugs although they may have eaten a Dubia or 2. We sure love these and the Chahoua as well. They are our favorites.

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