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Thread: I don't understand why

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    Default I don't understand why

    I keep looking at fauna classifieds, mostly for cave geckos, but pretty much daily there are one to five leachies for sale. They are one of the most expensive geckos but they seem so common on the classifieds. I'm surprised that their price hasn't dropped tremendously. They are beautiful geckos but the show up so much and I don't understand why they are still really expensive.
    One question also. If someone were to sell a leachie who has already bonded with another one is it possible for them to bond with another later?

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    They are so expensive because they cant breed (not sexually mature) until they are like 5 some years old and are hard to breed as they have to bond or else the female won't breed and they only have a few clutches a season and it's hard to bond a pair, a lot of the time they will reject one another or the female will reject the male. The price also varies on locale and morph.
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