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Thread: Crested Gecko Enclosure Questions

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    Question Crested Gecko Enclosure Questions

    Although i'm still wearing down my father for the,"you can get a gecko" blessing, I have done and am continuing to do as much research as possible, since I absolutely refuse to poorly care for this possible pet. My biggest issue with buying the supplies, is the tank. I currently own a 40 gallon Aqueon breeder tank, so is that too much space? I'd have to get a mesh lid, but I'm also curious about keeping it horizontally. I know ideally you want a tall tank, but if I fill it up with plenty of things to climb on such as tubes and artificial plants would it be usable? It's 36x15x16, so the height isn't actually horrible, only a couple inches shorter than the small Exo Terra terrarium. It's currently just my best option, as housing that looks nice can get a bit pricey and i'd like to put some more use into my nice tank.

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    do you mean that when it's flipped on its side it's 36 x 15 x 16, or is that its size when it's laying horizontally?
    if the length is 36 inches while it's set down normally (as in horizontally), it's actually a great size for an adult gecko. however, if you're getting a gecko that's under 6 months, i'd probably keep it in something a little bit smaller at first.

    edit: i just reread your post. i somehow didn't see that you meant you wanted to keep it horizontally! there are plenty of people who keep their geckos in a tank that's horizontal, and yours sounds like it would be fine, but i'd always recommend having it vertically. that way your gecko has plenty of climbing space!

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    It's 36 x 15 x 16 while laying down normally, 36 inches tall while laying on it's side. I planned on keeping it horizontally because I was worried about it being stable, but it turns out it'll be perfect on it's side! I've found a screen lid that should fit, the only problem being I'd have to take the whole thing (lid) off anytime I want to access the interior part of the tank. If you have any tips on cutting into the screen to add a door, I would appreciate it, but thank you so much for what you've already told me!

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    36" for height would be great for an adult! If your gecko will be smaller, maybe you can divide the tank up until he or she reaches about 15-20 grams? (Go by weight, not age. They all grow at different rates.)
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    Thanks! I've already been looking at adult cresties, to avoid food issues.

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    I kept my breeding female in a 40 gallon breeder tank and she had plenty of height. It is fine to keep it in it's normal orientation for a crested gecko.

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