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Thread: Leopard Gecko kinda small?

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    So I have a female normal leopard gecko who is just over a year old. She is pretty small, but I am not too worried because she looks healthy, just kinda short in length. She is about 6.3 inches, yet she looks normal in girth and has a pretty fat tail. The temps in her 40 gallon aquarium are 95 on the warm side and 78 on the cool side. It does get slightly hotter in the summer and colder in the winter in her tank. Those temps are the regular. There are hides on both sides of the tank. She lives alone. I feed her twice a week with mealworms dusted in Rapashy calcium Plus. I handle her every other day. Her substrate is reptile carpet and her heat source is an under tank heater. She is just pretty short for her age, though i know that she might grow a bit more over the next few years. Her subspecies is Afghan, could that have something to do with her size? She looks healthy, she's just looks smaller in length

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    Some leopard geckos are just small. If her head is large in proportion to her body, she may be a dwarf leopard gecko. It's not any kind of established morph and not particularly desirable, but it happens occasionally.


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    Does she have plenty of hides/cover so she doesn't get stressed from the tank size? Make sure there's a gap between the tank bottom and table for air flow. 95 is a bit too warm, I'd lower it to about 90. Mealworms aren't the best feeder, I recommend crickets or Dubia roaches as a staple diet. I also recommend dry Eco earth for a substrate. It'll let your Leo dig

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