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Thread: Cool Crested gecko Setup Idea!

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    Default Cool Crested gecko Setup Idea!

    I had an idea to make a Fall/Autumn themed gecko terrarium! I love the season and the colors! Would the lack of green stress my future gecko or would it be perfectly fine? Can anyone link me to a vine of silk fall leaves? Thanks for replying!

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    i bet it'll look amazing when it's done! personally i'm no gecko expert and i don't really know the answer to your first question, but in Disco's tank he has a hammock that's wrapped in an orange lei and it's his favorite place to sleep. sometimes he doesn't even sleep inside of the hammock, but rather underneath some of the fake flowers. based on this i think your gecko will most likely do just fine.

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    They don't really care for the color unless it's like uncomfortably bright. As long as they have tins of places to hid they are good. Will be cool to see when finished!
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    I've done this and looks great, my crested had no issues with it. I recently changed back to green because the leaves whittled down from moisture and prolonged use. I got them from Michaels craft store but were sold out the last two times Ive checked. I also used single fall leaves to lay on the bottom, you can find those at wedding supply stores or Amazon. Just search fall autumn maple leaf garland. Post some pics if you set it up.

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    Hobby Lobby and thrift stores would probably also have some right about now.
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    I got some pretty fall vines from the Dollar Tree! I soaked them for 2 days and the water was still clear so no color leaching.
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