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Thread: Checklist for Leo?

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    Default Checklist for Leo?

    For my second reptile (am getting a crestie) im thinking about a leopard gecko. Could someone tell me everything i need and overall how much? Thx

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    -20 gallon, long terrarium (for an adult, anyway)
    -bag of dry Eco earth for substrate
    -at least 2-3 hides (warm, cool, and possibly warm moist)
    -moist hide substrate (you can use Eco earth, sphagnum moss, or paper towel)
    -possibly a spray bottle for the moist hide
    -heat mat the size of 1/3-1/2 of the tank floor area
    -temperature gun or digital thermometer with a probe
    -water and food dishes
    -calcium supplement and multivitamin supplement (one of these needs d3)
    -light (ONLY if there's not enough natural light from a window)
    -LIVE insects. Best to use a varied diet. Insects include crickets, Dubia roaches, mealworms, superworms, hornworms, silkworms, and locusts. Some of these won't be available, depending on where you live
    -container for crickets
    Sorry I couldn't help with the prices! I live in Canada, and you likely live in the U.S so prices will be very different. I think I got everything. It may seem like a lot of stuff but they're really easy to care for and awesome pets! I hope this helps

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    Some people do use eco earth for leopard gecko substrate and many prefer not to use particle substrate. Most people do not keep juveniles on particle substrate. Eco earth can work, especially if you make it a bioactive setup. You can also use paper towel, repute-carpet, and my favorite --ceramic tile.


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    A benefit of dry Eco earth is that it allows your Leo to dig, which is a natural behaviour


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