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    I want to glue my thermometer to a sandstone rock under the basking spot but I need a glue that is not only heat resistant but non toxoic to Beardies. I will putting another small rock over the glue so non toxic isn't that much of a problem but heat resistant is definitely important. Any suggestions?

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    Aquarium safe silicone? It's safe, but not sure how it would hold up on a porous surface.
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    Unless it's going to get really really hot, you could use hot glue. That's about the most benign glue around. Kids chew on it all the time, put it on their fingers, then peal it off. The draw back is it doesn't grab real well on smooth surfaces. So it will hold the rock pretty well, but the probe might not hold forever. Aquarium silicone will work fine too, grabs rough surfaces very well. But you absolutely have to wait until it's totally cured. The off gassing is kinda nasty. If you wait about 48hrs, it should be fine. Oh, check your probe over to see if it has any little vents or anything because you don't want to clog those.


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