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Thread: Ate a mouthful of dirt?! Emergency?!

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    Default Ate a mouthful of dirt?! Emergency?!

    I was feeding crickets and didn't realize one had jumped into Clementine's lay box, before I knew what happened she was in there trying to catch it and got a mouthful of dirt!! (Organic peat moss)

    She shook her head quite a bit trying to get it out but still had quite a bit in there. She got real jumpy and ran off to the corner and I left her alone for a minute, I just sprayed her real heavily with water. Some more of the dirt came out. Then I pulled her out and most of it had gone down, I tried to restrain her so she would open her mouth but she wouldn't!

    She seems OK now but I'm so scared because I've read that geckos can die suddenly from an impaction if they don't poop out the dirt!

    I've put her in a sauna with a water bowl. What else should I do?! 😳

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    Did she poop it out? A similar thing happened to my gecko, Pandora. She did poop it out. But I'm not sure it was all of it.


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