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Thread: Help With Gold Dust Day Gecko!!!

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    Question Help With Gold Dust Day Gecko!!!

    Hi everyone i am new to the forum and gecko owning in general. So i bought a very healthy Gold Dust Day Gecko about 6 months ago and is about adult size now (grew about inch and a half since). However my problem isn't with health but with taming. Of course i know gold dust never really get "tamed" like a crested for example but i want him to at least feel comfortable with my presence. Sometimes even being 7-10 feet away from his tank is enough to send him running to the nearest hide. Because of this im sure he is very stressed out and honestly, so am I lol. He is in a very well planted 18X18X24 terrarium and is on a pangea mix diet. So heres my question, how can i get my gecko to no longer be scared of me and "tame" him to whatever possible degree. Im willing to put in as much work and time is needed to finally have him be comfortable. id love to one day be able to sit next to the tank and just hangout with him!

    Additional stuff: Yes i am 100000000000 times aware that it takes time before they get used to being in a new home and he is certainly settled, he isnt scared of other people, just me in particular.

    Thanks in advanace for any tips and advice!

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    Hi, you could try tempting it with CGD or Honey on your fingers and get it used to your presence and then afterwards you can slowly start holding it for a short amount of time. Or you could tempt the gecko to go to your hand with food too.
    I've actually heard Gold Dust Day Geckos can become quite tame almost as much as a crestie. I can't wait to get my own today I just bought a bamboo plant to grow out for a future tank.
    Good Luck

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    I had a gold dust day gecko that I got as a hatchling and kept for 11 years. It was reclusive the whole time. It died last year of old age. Someone who breeds them told me that in his experience, the gold dust day geckos that come from stock from Hawaii (he breeds these) are less shy than the ones that come from Madagascar. I bought 2 females from him during the winter and so far he's been right. You can hope that it will get less shy, but there's no guarantee.


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