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Thread: What morphs do I have?

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    Red face What morphs do I have?

    Hi everyone! My name is Jacklyn. I am new to the Pangea forum / community, and I wanted to introduce my crew. I currently have four Crested Gecko's, and was curious as to what you all would assign as their morphs! I am new at this, and would rather have some experienced help than trying to guess myself.

    This is Tyga: my 3 year old male who refuses to grow. Any suggestions for aiding in his weight gain would be very much appreciated
    Name:  Tyga 6-23.jpg
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    This is Harriet: 1.5 year old female
    Name:  Harriet 6-23.jpg
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    Name:  Harriet 2 6-23.jpg
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    This is Dolton; a juvenile.
    Name:  Dolton 6-23.jpg
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    Name:  Dolton 2 6-23.jpg
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    And lastly, this is Quin, a juvenile.
    Name:  Quin 6-23.jpg
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    I am really interested to see what you guys think!!! Thank you in advanced for the help.

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    Tyga; He is a flame. He looks oddly identical to one of my cresties, Dekstest, who also refuses to gain weight ahha. You can try insects, but if he doesn't eat them, just continue with CGD.. I Hope youre using a complete diet, such as Repashy or Pangea. You can try Breeding Formula, Ive heard its supposed to help with weight gain.
    Harriet; Looks like a pin, with about 90% pin.
    Dolton; Hard to tell. My first thought was brindle, but im going with flame. He is pretty.
    Quinn; Also flame. Could possibly turn out Harly.

    welcome to the forum!1
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