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Thread: Postmortem Conjoined Gargoyle Gecko (Somewhat GRAPHIC)

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    Default Postmortem Conjoined Gargoyle Gecko (Somewhat GRAPHIC)

    Hello all,

    If you breed reptiles long enough, odd things happen. The clutchmate hatched a little over two weeks ago. I kept candling this egg and saw movement...but things looked "off" inside the egg. After candling tonight and seeing quite a bit of fluid, with not much body mass, and the shadow of what seemed to be two tails I decided to cut the egg. I figured this wasn't seen every day and people the gecko community would be interested. I am unsure as to why this happened, but i have a possible theory. I purchased the dam as a lone female that was "never bred". She laid a few fertile clutches for me after a few months of ownership. First clutch was healthy, second was only a single viable egg, and this was from the third clutch. After the second clutch I decided to put a male with her, but from the offspring to proceed, it seems that she was still utilizing retained sperm. These geckos are identical to the Dam. I don't know if the addition of the male was the reason for this or some other reason. I found it very interesting and I hope you do as well!

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    Thanks for sharing. This is quite interesting, and sad, to say the least. I hope her next babies are "normal", so you can get healthy kiddos.

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    It is interesting. I too hope that she can give you some healthy babies in the future.
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    Hi very interesting & some good detailed pictures. Having recently had 2 abnormal hatchling I have been thinking about other possible abnormalities & conjoined gargoyles did enter my head.
    I am assuming they had no signs of life once egg opened.
    My abnormal ones were alive but not meant for this world which made it pretty hard for me. It's quite amazing they they got this far in their development but again not meant for this world.
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    It's sad, but really neat too. There are tons of reasons this could have happened, some are probably specific to reptile development, but a lot of them are probably the same causes of it happening in other animals. It's rare, but not unheard of. It happens in people. If the female was working with stored sperm, it's quite possible that something got mutated/messed up, in the delay. If it/they had lived and fully developed, you should have ended up with identical twins in one egg (thought that doesn't mean their body patterns would match). If she actually was never bred, then it would be parthenogenesis, not stored sperm, which would make twinning in one egg a little more likely, and explain why they look so much like mom, but same end results. If her eggs that are definitely sired by your male are fine, I'd say it was a super rare freak thing, and probably nothing to worry about. But GREAT to document!!!! Thanks for sharing.


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