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Thread: Changing Over from Heat Lamp to Dual UTH? Good Idea?

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    Question Changing Over from Heat Lamp to Dual UTH? Good Idea?

    Hey everyone, I wanted to get some thoughts on changing my 1 UTH, 1 Light setup over to a 2 UTH setup for my Ball Python. Once I get the second UTH for the cooler side of my tank it will be regulated at about 82, and Ill also seal the top of the tank with aluminium foil to try and keep as much of the heat in since taking the light would take the ambient temps away (my room it usually at a steady 78-80). Would this be a good move? I'm only looking to do this because the humidity in my Ball Pythons tank gets destroyed by the light. I appriciate any thoughts or suggestion and experiences. Thanks.

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    Default MUST MUST MUST have a thermostat controller!!!!

    You totally need to use a thermostat controller!!! It is very easy for a UTH, or above heat source, to become too hot and burn your snake. I screwed that up with my second snake I ever had, and it took a long time and a lot of care to heal her up. Remember, they don't realized that heat is coming from the bottom, so they'll keep laying on it even if their belly is burning. (Which is the reason heat rocks are not a good idea). If you need to up the humidity, you can add a moss box. Use long fiber sphagnum. Unless your cage is really big, considering what you said is the average temp in the room, you probably don't need double UTH. My balls have UTH's set at about 88, on thermostat controllers, on one end. I use a moss box for each of the babies to provide a humid spot for shedding help. The other end of the smaller cages is around room temp (mid 70's usually). I use an additional above ceramic heat emitter on my big breeder cage for additional basking heat, also on a thermostat controller, on the end opposite the UTH. My normal room humidity is about 50%, and my adults shed just fine without a moss box. The babies need a bit more help occasionally. I have kept and bred balls like this for about 15 years, and they have been perfectly healthy (baring parasites from live food, which is a pain to get rid of. Try to get them to frozen/thawed if you can). So, unless the cage is really big, or it gets rather cold in the winter, I doubt you need two UTH. But really really really should get a thermostat controller!!!! Not only can you set the temp to what you want, you won't burn your snake by accident. Believe me, that is a terrible thing to have happen, and had someone warned me about that, I would have gotten one right away. A good sized moss box will usually be enough to fix a problem with humidity needs. If you want to cover the lid to help keep humidity in, just don't cover the whole thing. You need some airflow or a lot of bad things can happen. Good luck!!


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