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Thread: Should I encourage my gecko to drop her tail?

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    Default Should I encourage my gecko to drop her tail?

    Taterina loves to sleep upside down and her tail has developed a kink from flopping over. After reading about FTS I worry it's going to mess up her hips permanently. Should I try to restrain it so she drops it?
    I wedged it behind the vine so it wouldn't be totally hanging.

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    I would really use a tail drop as the very last resort. A tail drop may be a natural process, but it is something the gecko reserves for a life-and-death situation, and it may be extremely stressful for the gecko. From the picture it does not look like a terribly bad case of FTS yet, and maybe you can stop or slow its progress by encouraging Taterina to sleep in a horizontal position. Like putting a lot of attractive horizontal sleeping places in there: thick horizontal branches or gecko hammocks well-covered with leaves. Or simple bunched-up paper towel. All my geckos love to sleep in it (found out during a parasite treatment where I had to get creative with disposable furniture), and it has zero FTS risk.
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    Ftm is the bending of the hips, not really the tail. So dropping the tail won't do anything, just add more horizontal branches so she can sleep horizontally. More plant coverage over said branches will also help her feel more secure to sleep there
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