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Thread: ugh Im soo done breeding anaimals.

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    Default ugh Im soo done breeding anaimals.

    this isn't gecko related but Im so done. I cant take these deaths lol. My pair of cockatiels laid their first ever clutch of eggs about 3 weeks ago. One hatched out three das ago- yippee! She is healthy and happy. (Jenny is what my nephew named her) #2 went bad at like day 10, therefore he was only an embryo. okay no biggie (I tell myself anyway) its been three days and another one should've hatched. Let me check and make sure anything is okay- Next thing you know I cut open a full term, dead baby. There was nothing visually wrong with the guy. He had all toes and fingers, and even had his little yellow fuzz! If I would've been a day sooner, I could've saved this little guy. Thankfully #4 egg is still kicking (literally) and should be hatching in the next 48 hours. But Im so tired of losing babyes, or not even having any good eggs to begin with. So now, I don't know what to do with little guy, Bury him? ugh....

    Although he didn't make it, he still gets a name. Little Mr. Cobra. Cobras are fierce. Rip in Cobra.
    p.s- if yall want to see pictures, let me know. all he looks like is a sleeping baby tiel.... ;(
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    Awwww, I am sorry to hear that.
    I would bury him. Just seems a little bit nicer than throwing him in the trash.
    I hope your #4 egg hatches with no complications.
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    Thanks hailey. Unfortunately, #4 had many complications hatching and he finally made it out of the shell this morning, but ever since then he hasn't done any good. Pretty sure he is gone. Im still trying and hoping, but he's. It gonna make it. He had poop and didn't absorb all his yolk, so I'm thinking that is what happened. Thanks though Hailey.


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