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Thread: Leachianus and live food

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    Default Leachianus and live food

    Hello all!

    Got a question about feeding. As of late, my leachie has developed a taste for live food (crickets, superworms, mealworms), after 2 years on turning his nose up at it. He still eats his pangea with no troubles. So my question is....should I continue to offer live food to his heart's content or should I limit the amount? If so how often?

    Side note...he's normally very cage agressive. But he now has me trained, when he is in this specific log, he wants to be hand fed and he won't growl, hiss or huff at me. He will even quickly scurry to get to the log when I walk in the room, expecting dinner. However, if he's out of that log, he's back to same old grumpy pants.

    Gotta love them and all their quirks


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    I feed my gargs and cresties live food on Sunday and Tuesdays. My leachie isn't interested.



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