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Thread: How to attach decor to walls of viv?

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    Default How to attach decor to walls of viv?

    Hey guys, first off I'm new here so sorry if I don't quite have a grip of how these forums work yet!

    Does anyone have any tips for affixing items like Exo Terra jungle vines or branches to the sides of a glass viv in order to create a more vertical space? Suction cups just don't hold enough, and I'm not entirely sure how magnets work in terms of attaching them to the piece of decor itself.

    If anyone has any tips or advice they'd be appreciated

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    If you want to have it long term you can you silicone or special glue

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    I use the suction cups from Pangea for the heavier vines that I have, and I put black rubber O-rings from the hardware store around the vine and affix that to the suction cup hook. Haven't ever had a problem with anything not holding.
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