Hi all,

after a fair amount of parasite issues with my three geckos, I decided to do my own fecals to have them checked more regularly. I do not do this to replace vet visits, rather to tell me when a vet visit is in order. My vet only takes $10 for a fecal, but with my own tests I could always get the freshest poop.

I have been wanting to do this for a while, but I did not have a good enough microscope. The ones in our lab don't have enough resolution, except for the one in the cleanroom, and I am pretty sure I would be in deep s**t if I brought gecko poop in there .

Now I found a good deal for a decent microscope, and decided to take the plunge.

Does anyone else do their own fecals? What are your experiences? And how do your results compare to tests at the vet? Happy to hear your thoughts!