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Thread: Chahoua male or Female?

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    Yes indeed they are very cute.
    If it wasn't for their size by now I would have a leachie too.
    What with my gargoyles & now Oak my chahoua there's no long-term room at the inn for a big setup they would require.
    I had to shuffle my vivs around & move my incubator into another room to make way for Oak. I have this thing about keeping them all together in one room or the hobby might take over the house.
    I felt it was risky moving incubator to another room but it was worth it as Oak is one great chewie, so funny to watch, pretty colourful with red tones too.
    Downside is when I go to check on eggs in incubator I keep thinking about how I might fit another large viv next too it, & I have to pinch myself & come back to earth & keep telling myself you have enough geckos!
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