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Thread: Few questions about BRBs

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    Default Few questions about BRBs

    Hey everyone! I've absolutely fallen in love with brazilian rainbow boas and although I don't plan on getting one for atleast a couple of months I did want to ask a few questions about them that I couldn't quiet seem to find on basic care sheets.
    Here they are:

    1. Is a plastic rubbermaid type storage bin better then an aquarium? I do plan on getting a custom made tank when my BRB is fully grown but until then I wanted to know which of the above would be better for keeping in humidity, heat, etc. since i've heard so many conflicting views. Since it is temporary I don't care as much about looks, functionality and safety of the pet until they're moved into a permanent enclosure is my primary goal.

    2. How should I set up the heating pad? I would prefer that as opposed to a ceramic bulb or overhead heater and I have heard many many times that sticking it to the bottom of an enclosure is 100% okay as long as I get a dimmer, good thermometer and monitor it but I'm still a little tentative to put a heat source like that on the bottom of a glass or plastic tank and I wasn't sure how to set the tank down with the heater on. Would it be safe to put on a wooden surface? A metal one? Do you guys have any ways to make setting a heat pad on a metal or wood surface safer?

    3. Do you know of any good BRB breeders or places to purchase them? I found one I liked but i'd love to check out some other people just incase the person I want to buy from has sold all their hatchlings when I go to purchase.

    4. Any other advice for a new BRB owner? I might have missed something in my questions because i'm new to brazilian rainbow boas but I am fully aware that humidity is extremely important (same with heat) and I understand the feeding rules so I think I got the basic husbandry down. I'll still be researching incase I missed something but I just wanted to see if you guys had any less commonly known knowledge you'd be willing to share or if you simply wanted to slip me a good care guide.

    I think that's about it for now, thanks for reading and for responding if you do!
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    A plastic tote is vastly easier to keep good humidity in, especially for younger ones that are more vulnerable to not enough humidity. Likewise, under tank heaters dry out enclosures less than overhead heat sources.
    You generally need a bit of airflow between the bottom of the tank/tote where the heater is and the surface it's on. Some of the heaters come with little rubber stick on nubs that raise the tank up about 1/4 to 1/2 inch or you can buy them separately or make something similar that works. With a good thermostat and BRBs not needing a great deal of heat, your heating mat should not get hot enough to cause any damage.

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