Hello everyone! I am building funds for a quickly approaching move to another state. I am willing to entertain offers on these geckos, and offer a group discount for purchasing more than one! Shipping weather is HERE, so get them while you can! More photos, info, etc. available, just ask! Contact me here, or via email at fullmoongeckos@gmail.com

Ice Majesty. Female, 30 grams. A beautiful, beautiful girl, so sweet to handle, and such a unique pattern! I truly do not want to part with her, and may change my mind so grab her while you can! She lays beautiful, fully calcified eggs. Proven fertile.

$300 plus shipping.

Kili. Male, 32 grams. This lovely boy rarely fires all the way, even pictured here he can go darker. I couldn't find a satisfactory female for him, so my loss is your gain! Fantastic structure and a sweet personality to boot!
$200 plus shipping.

Kosmic. Male, 32 grams. This gorgeous boy is from a red pairing. You may be familiar with his sister Winchester over at The Gecko Alchemist! Cream for days, and such an interesting pattern! I love this boy to pieces, he will be a great addition to anyone's colony!
$250 plus shipping.

Magneto. Male, 28 grams. This lad is taking after his dam with her light coloring. His head structure is just fantastic, and he just loves to be handled! The last babe I have available from the pairing, so grab him while you can!
$180 plus shipping

Mimic. Male, 24 grams. This handsome boy isn't quite fired all the way, but he's good looking anyway! Super sweet, this boy is the last from the pairing.
$150 plus shipping