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Thread: How to heat the cool side of a snake tank

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    Default How to heat the cool side of a snake tank

    I've been thinking about getting a Corn snake but I'm worried that my apartment is too cold. I would of course have a heat pad on one side on a thermostat set to the proper hot temp but I'm worried that the rest of the tank will be too cold. Right now my apartment is around 65-68 and never gets warmer then 75 in the summer. I don't have heat right now (landlord turned it off for the summer months) so the temp changes with however warm or cold it is outside. Today was warm so it's 68 in here. Is temps that cold ok since they have a proper warm spot?

    I don't think a heat pad would contribute much to the overall tank temp would it? I was thinking maybe some sort of heat lamp? I don't have the money for one of those fancy dimming style thermostats (they are like 300 dollars!) so any heat lamp would be full blast all the time and at night too which makes me worry about overheating the cool side.

    Any advice about what other people do would be great! I have a tiny portable heater but I don't run it when I'm not home since I'm worried about causing a fire and I work all day so the temp can drop a lot if it's cold out and there is no heater. I just use tons of blankets and sweaters to stay warm but I know that doesn't work for a snake!

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    A 50 watt light bulb during the day and a 60 watt blue night bulb(exo terra) during the night would work well to keep the air temp up. Using a towel or something to cover part of the lid would also help keep the heat and some humidity in if you live in also dry area like me. You could also keep a corn in a tub which holds temp and humidity super good. Try to keep the bulbs around the middle of the tank to heat it evenly
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