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Thread: Mainland vs pine isle chahoua

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    Default Mainland vs pine isle chahoua

    Today we are showing you the difference between Mainland and Pine Isle Chahoua.

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    Nice chewies! And I think you are right about the lineage being the best way to know about the locale for sure.
    My PI chahoua Urmel is the only chewie I have seen in person, but I (of course :-)) looked at a lot of gecko pictures and videos online. I have never mistaken a Pine Isle for a mainland, but I find that not all mainlands have the typical big-eyed face, and some are also quite brightly colored. They could pass for a smaller Pine Isle chahoua as well.
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    How does chahoua care differ from cresties/gargoyles?
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    Chahoua need alot more calcium and bugs in their diet. I also would say they benefit the most from UVB because of their tendency to calcium crash during breeding season

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    I saw it yesterday, and it was interesting. Thanks for sharing.


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