Hello everyone!

I'm getting my first crested gecko in two weeks and I've planned to spend this week and next setting up the terrarium and making sure temps and humidity are in order. I plan on starting out with paper towel substrate and have fake plants plus some pieces of wood I bought from Amazon's pet supplies section. I'm mainly concerned about the wood, as I've heard about people dealing with mold in their tanks because of it and I'd like to avoid it if possible.

The woods are grapevine (it came with the tank and is the one that concerns me the most), malaysian driftwood, and a cork bark round. Should I be worried, since these were store bought pieces and not taken from outside? I've seen posts about people boiling and baking their wood to prevent mold, should I do this as well? Would it be better to seal it with something like Mod Podge? I also have spray sealer I used for figurines called Mr Super Clear but I'm pretty certain that's toxic and can't seem to find an ingredient list for it anywhere to be certain.

Am I being paranoid?