Hello, this is my first time in a forum so I hope this is in the correct place. I was wondering if someone could help me
About three weeks ago I noticed that the tip of the tongue of my crestie (male, 9 months old) had a white spot, he also started to stick his tongue out but without licking, only like out (front) and in. At that same time he had some inflamation behind his eye, which had happened before, so I gave him a course of Baytril (5 mg/kg q 24h for 7 days) (bear in mind that there are no herp vets the city I live in, but you can get the drugs you need (human or animal) without any prescription). The inflamation disappeared after some days, but it's been about two more weeks and the tongue spots still remain unchanged. Today I took pictures, you can see them here:



he upper surface of the tongue also looks redder than before.

I thought maybe a fungal infection? What do you think?

Also, he doesn't want to eat by himself, I have to hand feed him the pangea. This has happened since long before this tongue problem, but I think if his tongue hurts he won't want to eat by himself anyway, and my efforts to "teach" him to eat on his own will be useless. (I need to teach him as I'll be out for 1 week in May). If I leave him alone only with the pangea on his tank for some nights he stops pooping and looks dehydrated, even with me spraying nightly. He still maintains his interest for roaches

The tank measures 22 (tall) * 12 * 12 Inches
There are paper kitchen towels as substrate
The temp in his tank is usually between 70 and 82 F
The humidity (environmental) is usually above 70%, ranging between 65% and 85%
I mist his tank every night

I would really appreciate your help Thank you