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    Do gargoyles need as much foliage as cresties?
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    I would say yes. Just my opinion. I don't really see why they would need less or more open space or foliage as a Crested. Some geckos may be shy and need you to go that "extra yard" for them to feel secure, safe, and hidden. I personally just load it with as much as I can, keeping in mind they need some open space to move around.
    Just my thoughts though!
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    I'd say they need as much cover as cresties, but that doesn't necessarily translate into plants. gargs are heavier than cresties, so they much prefer thicker branches/vines and I know mine certainly loves her cork rounds/hollow logs. Of course plant cover is still needed, but since they're heavier, a lot of plants get squished under their weight so they don't climb on them much.
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    I agree that coverage doesn't always translate to foliage. My geckos tend to prefer hiding in their cork rounds or coconut hides vs. any foliage I have in the cage.


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