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Thread: Mussings about substrate layers

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    Default Mussings about substrate layers

    I've been using bioactive terrariums for 4 of my geckos for about a year now. I use ABG mix from Josh's and Pangea that have the little pieces of false bottom in it to prevent soil compaction. I've never had an issue with it, and I tong feed/cup feed live feeders. But recently I witnessed one of my chahoua dive-bomb an isopod in the cage and get a mouthful of dirt and I'm suddenly concerned about ingestion of these pieces.

    I have a very thin leaf layer that sometimes gets shuffled around to expose the dirt when the geckos are on the floor (and thus the false bottom pieces that are mixed in with the soil). Should I increase my leaf layer? Does anyone use a layer of spag moss on top of the soil with good results? I have a big brick that I was considering using.

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    Although I don't have a chahoua. my crested has moss and flat rocks on the bottom and doesn't have a problem


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