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    Question Cornsnakes

    Recently, I have been thinking of buying a cornsnake. But I am wondering where to buy one? I'm looking for somewhat cheap cornsnakes AND shipping. For example, I saw a website that had a 25$ cornsnake (That's good for me) but the shipping was 55 USD! It turned me off big-time. I'm not rich, so I'm looking for cornsnakes 60$ and under. The other things I would need would be an extra 120 probably which is part of the problem.
    Also, I would go to an expo but sadly I live in a place where there are none, ever. And there are no breeders near me.
    So I would appreciate some online-breeders :3

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    Are there any pet stores around that carry reptiles (a lot of petco's carry reptiles, though I hate to suggest them)? The sale price at a store may be higher than a breeder, BUT you won't have to pay shipping. Reptiles are shipped overnight, and $50 is normal. Sometimes you can find an online store that charges $30 or so for shipping. If you want to save some money, you can get a used cage/tank, and disinfect it really well, possibly other supplies used too. Wood is extremely hard to disinfect, though. It's a small chance, but you could check for one that needs to be adopted. You can check, classifieds, for breeders and stores, and most craigslist areas have snakes for sale (under community--pets, and for sale (just hit the main title, then search all of the posts). Before you get one, get all the housing set up, and make sure you can get food regularly. Unless you get a really fancy morph, the set-up will usually cost more than the animal. Good luck!!

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    Where do you live?

    If you have a smartphone, or have a friend who has one, there is an app called Adoptable Pets - you put in your zip code and choose "Reptiles" and it shows animals available in your area. Petfinder is also a good way to find one that would probably not be too expensive.
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