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Thread: What you are or what you want to be and a little about you

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    Yeah, that's sweet that you're hat much ahead! Congrats.

    Quote Originally Posted by Last_Creature View Post
    Oh when I meant hard I just meet like the work. My school has over 2000 kids but there's like no bullying surprisingly. I may say it's hard cause I kinda suck but that's pretty amazing that you've done all that by only the 8th grade so a big congrats to you!!!
    I only said I'm 5'10 cause average height for girls in Canada is 5'4 so I'm a bit of a giant here for girl standards.
    It is here in the US, too. Lol. I'm tallest out of my Immediate family, other then my dad, whom of which I'm only a couple inches behind....... Lol.
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    I am 5'6... I feel so short, ha ha ha.
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    My name is Gregory I'm 13 (8th going into 9th grade). I'm homeschooled I live in North-East Ohio (I have all my life) I have 1 Male crested gecko (Wish I had 100!) and I used to have spotted salamanders and eastern newts.

    I live on a farm with 17 cows, 30 chickens, 11 goats, 7 pigs, 3 barn cats, 1 dog and 2 llamas (At the most we had 40 llamas!). in the past we have had ducks, guinea hens and peacocks.

    And I don't know what I want to do when I am older.......

    And I'm 5'9


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