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Thread: Good fits for an 18"x18"x24 tank

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    Default Good fits for an 18"x18"x24 tank

    Hello everyone! I have an Exo Terra 18x18x24 tank that I was going to use for Cresties, but my local breeder doesn't have any at the moment and I'm just curious if there would be any other good fits. I love snakes and would love to see if there was a snake that would work. I have heard that a male of a smaller subspecies of Green Tree Python could work, but A. I am in college and those are expensive and B. I know that still could be a tight fit and do not want to take anything on that I can't properly care for. Looked at a couple geckos too, like day geckos. Just trying to keep an open mind and curious about what all is out there, as I am sure I have missed something. There are so many cool herps. Not trying to rush anything either, just curious. Sorry for such a general and long post. Thank you guys so much, have a good day!

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    A gargoyle gecko would fit. I know I do and lots of people here on the forum love them. Their care is similar to Crested Geckos.
    Just make sure before purchasing any animal you do your research.
    Sorry I am mot too sure on the snakes... I would love to have one, but can not to their whole food thing.
    I would though, personally, just wait until the crested's are available. They are great beginner pets and so many people love them and keep them. You wouldn't want to miss out, ha ha ha.
    Hope this helped!
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    Maybe a jungle Python could fit
    Or a trio or more of gold dust day geckos

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    I would second a gargoyle gecko.
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    Most snakes will outgrow a cage that size, even a cornsnake. A male hognose or male kenyan sand boa, they are small species that might do okay..You could always sell the exoterra and get a larger aquarium. I think petco has their dollar a gallon sale going on now. a 40 gallon breeder for 40 dollars, that would fit quite a few species of snakes.

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